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Kona Coast, Hawai‘i

Those who know the Island of Hawai’i know the leeward side has it all: ideal climate, scenic beauty, calm clear coastal waters, beaches, community, and desirable lifestyle.  Kona has been a residence of choice dating back to early Hawaiian chiefs and 19th century royalty.

Today, Kona remains an ideal place to live resulting in tremendous growth. County planners report the population has more than doubled in the past 25 years.  Kona continues to be a favorite home base for local residents, those seeking retirement, or a second home.  Today’s connected technologies are enabling even more full-time residents to call Kona home regardless of where they work.


Please follow the links below to learn more about the State, County, and North Kona District of Hawaii.

Information about the District of North Kona,_Hawaii

Information about the County of Hawai‘i

Information about the State of Hawai‘i

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