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Joel K. LaPinta, CCIM R® (JKL)  and Seller will not permit the disclosure of any Informational Materials to a Potential Purchaser unless Potential Purchaser has executed the approved Registration, Confidentiality & Waiver Agreement (RCW). Upon JKL's receipt of this executed RCW, the Informational Materials will be provided for the Potential Purchaser’s consideration in connection with the possible purchase of the Property, subject to the conditions set forth in the RCW.

Notice to Real Estate Brokers representing a buyer: No commission shall be paid to a broker representing a purchaser unless the broker is identified in the initial RCW signed by the Potential Purchaser. The conditions of the RCW apply. Identification of broker must include the information requested in the RCW for the broker and signature of the Principal Broker or Broker-in-Charge of the real estate office identified in the RCW.

Registration, Confidentiality & Waiver Agreement
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